16 September 2008

Architectural videos* | Архитектурные видео*

Blog dedicated to architectural videos / archive of selected architectural videos
Me + Yucel Sezen - idea / design / management
Blog is selected as one of the best architectural blog in internet.

Архитектурные видео - это блог о последних новостях в мире архитектуры. Архив самых лучших архитектурных видео.
Я + Юджел Сезен - идея / дизайн / управление
Блог признан одним из 3 самых лучших архитектурных блогов в интернете и рекомендован для дополнительного обучения студентам архитектурных вузов.



Review from http://www.fivefootway.com
"This blog can be considered one of the most useful databases for any architecture enthusiast. Video speaks much more than words and pictures. This is one especially applicable to architecture students who have limited time and attention span for things other than their school projects - this blog provides regular architecture related videos such as building concept and construction process videos of the latest buildings designed by famous architects like Zaha Hadid and Steven Holls. Links to google maps of building locations are included; while videos of 3D-Max and Vray tutorials can be found, very useful for students engaged in 3D renderings. Besides its main focus of architectural videos, the blog does also feature brief recommendations on architecture books, reviews and movies".